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Pre-approved for a loan ?


 If you are not prepared, the opportunity will pass you by!


This is one of the most important steps that you can take to help ensure your success.

Getting a pre-qualifying letter or commitment letter from a bank on the bank's letterhead is required by HUD. The letter should state the eligible amount equal to or greater than the total purchase price.

For cash sales, proof of funds can be a bank statement, letter from the bank, or verification that cash funds will be available at time of closing.

Getting pre-approved for your loan is one of the most important steps in your home buying process. Many people rush out and make an offer on a home only to find out latter that they can not qualify for the loan or loan terms do not match the purchase terms.

By spending as little as 30 minutes with your loan officer before you go looking at a home, will save an immense amount of time and unwanted stress.

During this meeting your loan officer should be asking to see your income documentation and should review your credit report with you. If there are any credit problems, they should explain to you what needs to be done to correct the credit problems or what documentation is going to be needed to support the misinformation on your credit report.

If you know that your loan is going to be difficult, you should start working with your loan officer 2 - 3 months before you want to move. Do not wait until the last minute.

Once you are pre-approved, you may go out looking for a home to purchase. Your loan officer would be able to provide you with a written pre-approval letter to give to your Broker.

I can provide you with a list a qualified mortgage lenders and credit repair specialists in the Triad Area.

If more than one applicant, please provide the following information for each

  • Name (s)
  • Social Security #'s
  • Birth Date (s)
  • Phone Number
  • Current Address
  • Previous Address
  • Gross Monthly Income (s)
  • Job information
  • Estimated Purchase Price
  • Best Time to Call


The secret of success is to be ready for opportunity when it comes !

Thank You
Jim Artzner
House Finders, Inc.


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