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Buying Process


HUD REO Home Buying Process

By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to the HUD web site that will provide you with current information about Buying A HUD Home.

Buying a HUD Home



  • Anyone can buy a HUD REO Home
    HUD REO Homes can be purchased by anyone..
  • HUD REO Homes are sold at market value
    HUD REO Homes are initially priced for sale at the appraised market value. The buyer may offer any price, but HUD will only agree to offers that provide an acceptable return.
  • HUD REO Homes are sold "AS-IS"
    It is expremely important to understand that HUD REO Homes are sold in "AS-IS" condition. This means that the condition of the home when you see it is what you will be buying. HUD makes no warranties, does not guarantee the condition of any home, and does not verify that it complies with any local code or zoning requirements. You must make any necessary repairs after the purchase. HUD may make, or give you an allowance for, major system or safety repairs only if you are purchasing with an FHA-insured loan. It is very important that you get a Home Inspection by a licensed professional prior to closing on the sale.


  • Offers must be made through a HUD Registered Broker
    If you want to make an offer on a HUD REO Home, you must bid through a HUD Registered Broker (like me, Jim Artzner) or another Registered HUD Broker.

  • How to find a HUD REO Home
    You should contact your HUD Broker as instructed above. Your Broker will have a list of HUD Homes from the MLS, which contains detailed information on the home. You can also look at available listings for your area on the HUD Website under Property Listings, and then check with your HUD Broker for more information about the house. 

  • Offers must be submitted through an electronic bidding process
    All offers must be submitted by your HUD Broker through an electronic bidding process.


  • Closings are 30 or 45 days for North Carolina
    After your contract has been received correctly, it will be signed by HUD and returned to your agent along with a contract acceptance letter. For North Carolina this letter will give you up to 45 days to close.

Thank you
Jim Artzner
House Finders, Inc.

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